[solved] sendNotification is not working openHAB 1.8.0


the command sendNotification is not working for me.

I create a rule with Log.

logInfo(“Updat Weather”, now.toString())
sendNotification(“xxx.xxx@xxx…xx”, “Wetterupdate”)

But i don´t receive any notification, but the Log message is shown.
I can send an Notification from the openHAB page, an I also receive the online and offline status.

Is there any additional configuration for this service or i have to import special libs?

Have you fully set up my.openHAB?

Assuming you have the my.openhab binding installed and correctly configured…

Where are looking for the notifications? The my.openhab.org page, Android or iOS client?

All looks good in the Log after restart

[INFO ] [.myopenhab.internal.MyOHClient] - Connected to my.openHAB service (UUID = xxxxxxxxx, local base URL = http://localhost:8080)

I look at my android phone, but i have the problem when, i go to the notification on the android app the app chrashed.
But on the page i also dont see the notification from sendNotification command

users.cfg looks like


in my.openhab i am the master

What URL are you using to connect your android client to openHAB?

In your android app settings:

  • openHAB URL - http://OHHOST:PORT where OHHOST is the IP address of your OH server and PORT is the port it is listening on
  • openHAB Remote URL - https://my.openhab.org
  • Username - your username as established on my.openhab, NOT what you configured in users.cfg
  • Password - your password as established on my.openhab, NOT what you configured in users.cfg

I don’t understand your last comment. When using my.openhab users.cfg is irrelevant. That file is only used for users getting to openHAB on your local network using your local URL, not my.openhab.

openHAB URL -> is empty

openHAB Remote URL - https://my.openhab.org -> YES

Username - your username as established on my.openhab -> YES

Password - your password as established on my.openhab -> YES

I have remote over extern…

I just fixed another bug in notifications (inside my.openHAB service itself), so can you please check it once more?

I hadn’t been receiving notifications for awhile, but one came in a few minutes ago. Thank you, @belovictor!

I think it should work, but…

2016-01-13 19:08:51.625 [WARN ] [ipse.jetty.client.HttpExchange] - EXPIRED MyOHExchange@1146a1a=GET//localhost:8080/rest/sitemaps/heerstr/0300?#WAITING(29956ms)->EXPIRED(0ms)sent=29957ms

I get this everytime a notification via my.oh should be send. Additionally, I notice that my.oh has a really bad performance.

THX, now it works!

sendnotification is not working for me.
I have correctly setup my android app and when i define the rule in openhab designer on mac its throwing an error.
However, the log after that gets printed when the rule is executed.

Any idea about what am i doing wrong here?

Do you have the my.openhab jar file installed and properly configured? The sendNotification action works through my. Openhab only.

@rlkoshak Yes i have installed the jar file and configured it properly. There is no notification item in the navigation drawer of habdroid app. It used to be there initially .
I am connected remotely and in the rules i have set a send notification command which does not seem to work.

Any idea?

Notifications icon in Android app depends on the remote URL you’ve set in the app. What is it?
Also are you able to send notification to your device (and do you see it at all?) from devices section on my.openhab.org?