[SOLVED] SetPoint MQTT Hometop

I am using hometop to controll my heating unit. To set the desired temperature I’d like to switch to MQTT.

I managed to read the current state, yet I fail to set the desired temperature with a setpoint in my sitemap.

The item configuration looks like this:
Number Temperature_Setpoint "Zieltemperatur [%.1f °C]" <temperature> {mqtt="<[mosquitto:hometop/ht/hc1_Tdesired:state:default:.*],>mosquitto:set/hometop/ht/hc1_Tdesired:command:*:${command}]]"}

The problem is, that setpoint seem to publish only the number of the desired temperature. However the mqtt broker expects the temperature and a second parameter. e.g “heizen”

mosquitto_pub -d -t set/hometop/ht/hc1_Tdesired -m "29.5,heizen" 

I dunno if one can tweak the SetPoint control to add the second parameter “heizen” or if I have to use a rule to do so.

The MQTT broker doesn’t expect anything it only forwards published messages to subscribers
What you mean is that your heating unit wants another parameter in the message payload.

Try that:

Number Temperature_Setpoint "Zieltemperatur [%.1f °C]" <temperature> {mqtt="<[mosquitto:hometop/ht/hc1_Tdesired:state:default],>[mosquitto:set/hometop/ht/hc1_Tdesired:command:*:${command},heizen]"}

If that doesn’t work try "escaping2 the coma:


Cheers, that did the trick. No need for escaping the payload though.

Pl;ease tick the solution, thanks