[SOLVED] Shelly 1, alternative to Sonoff

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(Rossko57) #21


(wallebalboa) #22

Works Great! Thnx!
Switch Shelly1_V2 { autoupdate=“false”, mqtt=" >[housebroker:shellies/shelly1-XXXXXX/relay/0/command:command:*:MAP(shelly.map)], <[housebroker:shellies/shelly1-XXXXXX/relay/0:state:MAP(shelly.map)]" }

(Rossko57) #23

The docs aren’t very clear about this, but where you get prompt feedback from a real device it’s a;ways worth considering disabling autoupdate on an Item.

(Blaz Komat) #24

Do you have some video or something how to add shelly into openhab2? I am very new at openhab.

(Daniel N.) #25


does anyone have experiences which is the better Firmware? Tasmota or Shelly original?

Are there pros/cons?

I buy two Shelly 1, i want to co troll it with mqtt and see only one pro for tasmota: Same interface (like my sonoffs)

(Bart Snijder) #27

Since you use mqtt, I guess that after enabling mqtt and setting its parameters you won’t be using the web interface anymore. Only missing link on current shelly FW is that it is slightly less easy to update. You need to know the IP address as OTA currently only works via the HTTP API. Although keeping track of a list of fixed Shelly IPs is not that hard, Sonoff can be triggered via mqtt so you do not need to keep track of such list.
I already asked shelly to add an ip response to their mqtt announce response, let’s hope they will.

(Daniel N.) #28

Thanks for the quick response, tracking IP address is no problem for me. I have already a list where all my sonoffs a notice with IP etc. and also entered everything clean in the router.

So there’s no reason to switch to Tasmota, right? :slight_smile:

(Hans-Jörg Merk) #29

No reason for switching Tasmota firmware.
I just finished installing a Shelly1 and Shelly2 for my lights, very happy with the result.

(Rich Koshak) #30

They only advantage I see for Tasmota is they have a central adminstration server available to update, monitor, configure devices instead of needing to go to each device individually.

(Victor) #31

i get it to work with a map file translating lowercase to uppercase on=ON and reverse

This got it to work for me.

(Pekka) #32

Works great for me with the map file.
A quick note: You need to provide the shelly’s serial number in capital letters, shelly1-123ABC works while shelly1-123abc doesn’t.

(The Squid) #33

Anyone else notice the price jump on these little guys???

(Markus Michels) #34

Wouldn’t it make sense to have a. binding so installation follows the general OH concepts? I ordered 2 and could start dev soon.

Price in Europe is still 9,90€ for the single relay and 19,80€ for the double.

(Hans-Jörg Merk) #35

There is already an approach for a binding, even I don’t see any benefit. My Shellys run stock firmware and native MQTT is working like a charme without any cloud access.

(Vincent Regaud) #36

Another user has experimented with MQTTv2 and shellies too and it works just fine.
There is no need of a dedicated binding.

However, in the MQTTv2 binding there is a possibility to add auto discovery by adding “protocols” to the binding. You could have a look at that instead of developing a new binding.

(Markus Michels) #37

Sorry guys, I can’t follow this path / argumentation.

Shouldn’t we make OH as easy as possible, which means for me a rich set of hardware support and easy installation.OH supports all you need incl. auto-discovery etc.

While mqtt support is a vlid option a dedicated binding is way easier to handle for a non-tech user and that’s a critic I saw several times. Why should the user need to install mqtt, taking the hurdle of config files etc. and define items manually in files?

(Vincent Regaud) #38

That is why I pointed you to the existing mqtt v2 binding where additional mqtt “protocols” can be added to thus enabling discovery.
Shouldn’t you add the shellies protocol to that binding instead of saying “shouldn’t we”.
In the meantime the v2 binding is very easy to use

(Markus Michels) #39

could you point me to the code? I had a look to the discovery service, but for me it looks more generic. Are there any “mqtt protocols” already implemented?

(Chris Angus) #40

Has anyone ordered and received the Shelly Smoke alarms yet? I ordered two back in July but they still have not been delivered. Shelly says they are delayed in production…just wanted to check if anyone else has any yet.

(Markus Michels) #41

I ordered mine on 12/05 and they have status “BULGARIA, SOFIA LC/AO, Insert item into bag (Otb) and Send item abroad” - so hope that they come in this week