[SOLVED] Shelly(1) Binding vs Firmware v1.5.10

I’m using OH2.5.
I’ve just updates two of my Shelly1 to fw v 1.5.10. Unfortunately the binding wont accept them…

2020-02-10 17:43:45.620 [WARN ] [y.internal.handler.ShellyBaseHandler] - shelly1-xxxxxx: WARNING: Firmware might be too old (or beta release), installed: v1.5.10/20200206-083100 (e6a4205e), required minimal v1.5.2. The binding was tested with version 1.50+ only. Older versions might work, but do not support all features or show technical issues. Please consider upgrading to v1.5.0 or newer!

Any suggestions?

Just tested something. I can control devices by OH.
Only the message is a little bit confused… .(?)

Ther is already an issue opened on github to solve this.

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Thx. Found it now.

Is something needed by myself to fix this in my local environment?

No, the author will change the firmware checks to eliminate these false warnings. Once this is done and merged, the SNAPSHOT version will include the fix. As it is just a warning, you can simply ignore it.