SOLVED: Shelly Binding: Shelly 1 events not working anymore since last Shelly update

Hello Community,

today I received a update for all my Shelly 1 (Version: 20200812-090904/v1.8.0@8acf41b0).

In general the Shellies still work with OH Shelly Binding after the update, but one Shelly is configured as a detached switch. This Shelly switch purpose is to act as a virtual switch for a Tradfri, i.e. it catches the events of a physical wall switch and switches a Ikea Tradfri via a rule.

Since the update of the Shelly, the button events are not incoming to OH2 anymore. I guess it is because the configuration of action URLs changed in the UI, and they are empty now (I remember they were filled before):

In Paper UI the actions are enabled and items linked:

Any ideas how I can make this work again?

Are you using the latest DEV version of the binding ? If not, that’s your issue and been anounced in the Shelly Binding thread.
FW 1.8 introduced a breaking change in CoIoT, making it not compatible with older binding versions.
With the latest DEV version @markus7017 implemented a fix for that.

Ah ok, then I will try to switch to the DEV version of the Binding. I am on release at the moment. Or is there still the possibility to catch the events via REST calls? As it is only one switch, I can configure URLs by hand.

Actually I decided the easier way, as only one Shelly is affected, I downgraded the Firmware on this device until the changes are in Release Version of the Shelly Binding.