[SOLVED] Sitemap always shows state of switch


if have a switch (with custom dynamic item which works):

Switch Keymatic_State "Haustür" <keymatic> {channel="homematic:HM-Sec-Key:ccu2:XXXXXXXXXX:1#STATE"}

and a mapping in the sitemap:

Switch item=Keymatic_State label="Haustür" mappings=[ON="Offen",OFF="Verschlossen"]

My Problem: the stateformat is shown in basicui (and also in the app):


What can i do? :thinking:



Put empty square brackets in the label in your sitemap. E.g. label=“Hastür[]”

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Thanks! That solved the problem. :+1:

Was this a change in 2.4? I only noticed that the switch state was displayed in my sitemap when I upgraded from 2.3 to 2.4. My issue is that I used the label in the item definition and not in the sitemap.
So I had:

Switch DoorLock “Lock (upper) [MAP(lock.map):%s]” { channel=“zwave:device:2a2bd030:node5:lock_door” }

with sitemap

  	Switch item=DoorLock

With the above solution it seems I now have to define the label in my sitemap if I don’t want the switch state to show.