[SOLVED] Sitemap error

I am a begginer on openHAB, I trying to create a sidemap and got this error:
2018-09-26 14:23:33.666 [WARN ] [el.core.internal.ModelRepositoryImpl] - Configuration model ‘casa.sitemap’ has errors, therefore ignoring it: [3,23]: no viable alternative at input ‘â’
[4,31]: no viable alternative at input ‘â’
[5,31]: no viable alternative at input ‘â’
[6,44]: mismatched character ‘’ expecting ‘"’

I’ll appreciate and support.

Here there are the sitemap and item files:

sitemap casa label=“los gorsos”{
Frame {
Group item=Casa label=”casita”
Group item=Dormitorios label= ”Dormitorios”
Group item=Dormi_Sofia label= ”Sofia’s bed”
Group item=Dormi_Julieta label= “Yula’s Bed”
/* GRUPOS */
Group Casa
Group Dormitorios (Casa)
Group Dormi_Sofia (Dormitorios)
Group Dormi_Julieta (Dormitorios)
Group Dormi_Tomas (Dormitorios)
Group Suite (Dormitorios)
Group Living (Casa)
Group Comedor (Casa)
Group Cocina (Casa)
Group Lavadero (Casa)
Group Banos (Casa)

DateTime Date “Date [%1$ta, %1$te %1$tb %1$tY, %1$tr]” { channel=“ntp:ntp:local:dateTime” }

	/*	LUCES  */

Switch Dorm1_luz1 “Luz Techo 1” <lamp_globe_light> (Dormi_Sofia,Dormitorios){ mqtt="<[broker:casa/dorm/dorm1/Luz1:state:MAP(onoff.map)], >[broker:casa/dorm/dorm1/Luz1:command:ON:1], >[broker:casa/dorm/dorm1/Luz1:command:OFF:0]" }
Switch Dorm1_luz2 “Luz Techo 2” <lamp_globe_light> (Dormi_Sofia,Dormitorios){ mqtt="<[broker:casa/dorm/dorm1/Luz2:state:MAP(onoff.map)], >[broker:casa/dorm/dorm1/Luz2:command:ON:1], >[broker:casa/dorm/dorm1/Luz2:command:OFF:0]" }
Switch Dorm1_luz3 “Luz Techo 3” <lamp_globe_light> (Dormi_Sofia,Dormitorios){ mqtt="<[broker:casa/dorm/dorm1/Luz3:state:default], >[broker:casa/dorm/dorm1/Luz3:command::default]" }
Switch Dorm1_luz4 “Luz Techo 4” <lamp_globe_light> (Dormi_Sofia,Dormitorios){ mqtt="<[broker:casa/dorm/dorm1/Luz4:state:default], >[broker:casa/dorm/dorm1/Luz4:command:
:default]" }
Switch Dorm2_luz1 “Luz Techo 1” <lamp_globe_light> (Dormi_Julieta,Dormitorios){ mqtt="<[broker:casa/dorm/dorm2/Luz1:state:default], >[broker:casa/dorm/dorm2/Luz1:command::default]" }
Switch Dorm2_luz2 “Luz Techo 2” <lamp_globe_light> (Dormi_Julieta,Dormitorios){ mqtt="<[broker:casa/dorm/dorm2/Luz2:state:default], >[broker:casa/dorm/dorm2/Luz2:command:
:default]" }
Switch Dorm2_luz3 “Luz Techo 3” <lamp_globe_light> (Dormi_Julieta,Dormitorios){ mqtt="<[broker:casa/dorm/dorm2/Luz3:state:default], >[broker:casa/dorm/dorm2/Luz3:command::default]" }
Switch Dorm2_luz4 “Luz Techo 4” <lamp_globe_light> (Dormi_Julieta,Dormitorios){ mqtt="<[broker:casa/dorm/dorm2/Luz4:state:default], >[broker:casa/dorm/dorm2/Luz4:command:
:default]" }


Please How to use code fences.

The error is pretty explicit about where the errors are. Look at line 3 column 23 in casa.sitemap, line 4 column 31, line 5 column 31 and line 6, column 44 of casa.sitemap.

Because of the lack of code fences the formatting of the code has been munged up so it is all but impossible to tell why it has a problem with those characters. Though mismatched character ‘’ expecting ‘"’ implies that you may have copied and pasted from some other posting that didn’t use code fences. The forum replaces " witn smart quotes and smart quotes are not compatible with sitemaps, items, or rules files.

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Hello Rick
Thanks for your reply. After correct theh , no errors found.

Please mark the thread as solved.