[SOLVED] Sitemap problems after upgrade to 2.5

In general I am very satisfied with 2.5. Especially happy I am with the paperui rule engine. Finally all rules work again after a reboot. Great.
The only problem I have is with the Kostal Inverter binding.
Suddenly I get no data displayed in basic ui or classic ui. I can see the data in PaperUi, so the binding and the communication works. I am not aware of any changes from 2.4 to 2.5 that could lead to that behavior. Please give me some advice how to solve the issue.


// Kostal Inverter items

Number AcPower "Momentan Leistung" <solarplant> {channel="kostalinverter:kostalinverter:657fabf8:acPower"}

Number TotalEnergy "Gesamt Leistung" <chart> {channel="kostalinverter:kostalinverter:657fabf8:totalEnergy"}

Number DayEnergy "Tagesleistung" <calendar> {channel="kostalinverter:kostalinverter:657fabf8:dayEnergy"}

String Status "Status" <energy> {channel="kostalinverter:kostalinverter:657fabf8:status"}

Group item=gPV label=“Photovoltaik” icon=“solarplant”{
Default item=AcPower
Default item=DayEnergy
Default item=TotalEnergy
Default item=Status


Look in events.log for your Items being updated.
That would confirm Item names.

Where? As channels, or as Items?

Since updating have you restarted OH a few times?


Yes I have restarted several times in the last days.
PaperUI Data gets updated. At the moment it is dark so the is no data for AC Power.

Look in events.log for your Items being updated.
That would confirm Item names.
The ‘control’ tab in PaperUI does not show Item names.

I have checked and compared the item names to be correct. By the way I have not changed anything so why should the item names be different ?
Here are two of them:

If you don’t want to eliminate possibilities by confirming things, that’s up to you. It’s your problem.

Are you not curious why one of those channels is linked to two Items? I am. I wonder if they are both working properly?

Look in events.log for your Items being updated.

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OK I could solve the problem. The issue was a double definition of the Kostal items. They were originally defined in the items file as documented above. The new binding changes obviously something. I had to delete the definitions in the items file. Delete the binding. Open it again in the inbox and then assign the items again in PaperUI. After that it works as designed.