[SOLVED] Sitemap why checkbox on Switch items?

Hi there,

I dont know why, but I can not get the switch slider on the sitemap. it shows the tick box instead of. ¿?

Anyone knows what is happening?



Frame label="Salon"
       Switch item=sonoffD1_1 icon="soundvolume" mappings=[OFF="OFF", ON="ON"]
       Switch item=sonoffD1_2  icon="light" mappings=[OFF="OFF", ON="ON"]
       Switch item=sonoff06  icon="batterylevel" mappings=[OFF="OFF", ON="ON"]

If you want a slider you have to define

Slider item=

Not that kind of slider.
Usually Switches have this kind of little sliders, and I have a checkpoint, I do not why. I use Chrome, but in Safari I have the same result.


Try to remove the mappings from yout items.

What browser are you using?
I have never seen checkboxes before on a sitemap.

Also a switch doesn’t make much sense for the volume and batterylevel items.

It is not volumes, I putted that icon to test, I switch on/off the Sound System and I putted that icon.

I use Chrome Versión 67.0.3396.99 (Build oficial) (64 bits)

OK. I already know what is causing the issue, it is this sentence, when I remove it, everything is fine, if I add it, everything change to checkboxes.

Webview url="" height=8 visibility=[Iphone_Sw=="OFF"]

So, I can not use the video image if I want to have the little sliders?


It is not volumes, I putted that icon to test
Yes, my bad. Its only the icon and i wrote faster than thinking about it.

The WebView shouldn’t affect all other elements that much.

Can you try another url for testing?
I am not sure about the cgi url.

Well, If I try other url, for example www.google.com, is working fine (I do not see nothing but the little slider are working fine), with local IP for video.cgi not working.


Then the url is the problem, not the webview itself.
Is this the only url available for your video stream?

I think local is not the problem.
Seems that the cgi of your video device is injecting some kind of style into the sitemap.

Mmm I do not know. I use the Camera DCS-930LB… I do not think so :confused:

http://192.168.xx.xx/video.cgi not working
http://192.168.xx.xx/image/jpeg.cgi is working but I only have a photo.

The problem is the video, I could not see the video…

Seems that the camera has only those two urls available.

Did you try the Video Element already?

Actually not. I should.

Do you think it would work fine? Tomorrow I will try :smiley:

Thank you for your help.

I am not usre, but its of course worth a try.

sure! tomorrow I will let you know how it is going…


       Video url="http://192.168.xx.xx/video.cgi" encoding="MJPEG"

It is working, although after 20-30 seconds the video dissapears automatically, even through myopenhab is not working. There is not any image. :confused:


and after some seconds, disappear:

  • Is this normal?

EDIT: the problem is still there even with images:

Image url="http://192.168.xx.xx/image/jpeg.cgi" refresh=1000

Have you checked the autorefresh setting of your browser?

No. I do not finde any autofresh in chrome, at least in the preferences.

What happens when you refresh the browser.
Does the video come back?

When I refresh (F5), the video comes back, but after 20 seconds aprox. goes off the video again. It is wierd.

Maybe try this:

Yes, I will try that.

Anyway, the Video url=..... does not work in iphone through myopenhab, I have to use webview in order to get working on iphone, and if I use webview I lose the style, I have checkboxes… so I will see.

I can not have the video embebed in the sitemap with Video url=... keep the style properly and gets working through myopenhab in the iphone. :confused:

I mark the thread as solved, but not 100%.