[SOLVED] Snapshot Cloudbee service gone?

Trying to download snapshot, but end up on a CloudBees server saying “This DEV@cloud account is currently unavailable”?

Yes it’s gone.
Long live https://ci.openhab.org !

If there is any link to the old server, which we should update, please let us know, @Pal!

Thanks, Wouter!

I’m running 2.3.0 stable, and I’m looking for a newer version of the MySQL persistence. The 2.3.0 one can’t log on to MySQL 8. But I can’t find it where I expected it to be.

This is what I currently have:
261 | Active | 80 | 1.12.0 | openHAB mySQL Persistence bundle

Where can I find a newer version (that is not on Cloudbees)?

Here’s a link to the latest snapshot build of that addon:


The version number should have told me… Thanks!