[SOLVED] Something wrong with my config - dynamic url

i try to set the volume of my denon 4308, with fixed volume its working, but i would like to dynamicly change the url with the value from item…

enclosed the item definition:

Number avr4308_volume “Volume” (gDenon) {http=">[*:GET:$&setMas=on]"}

i get the following error:

openhab.binding.http, component.id=33} | Bundle(org.openhab.binding.http_1.13.0.201808180110 [231])]
java.util.UnknownFormatConversionException: Conversion = ‘2’

whats wrong with that ?

btw. it seem that the receiver does not support the denon binding, is a very old one …

missed “s”, solved…

Can you post the solution to help other users. Thanks

the url needs to be:$s&setMas=on

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