[SOLVED] Sonos and system playSound / say

Since yesterday I noticed that the playSound command stopped working.
I don’t see any errors in the logs, but no sound,
same for the say command…
any Ideas?
Thanks ahead…

I this case the question is: What happened since yesterday? Did you update to a new snapshot version? Which build number?

No, I’m working on 2.1 stable.
But that reminded me I’ve done apt-get update & upgrade… (on Raspberry pi 3)

I’d be surprised if an apt -update/upgrade would do anything on OH2.1. It is still OH2. 1 , isn’t it?
But I might be proven wrong.

yes, OH 2.1…

Well, reboot to the pi did the magic.

Sounds good, in that case I can do and updare/upgrade also.