[SOLVED] Sonos Binding - zonegroupid and localcoordinator not updated when in group - Refresh?


i have 3 play ones an one beam in my openhab configuration. Everything works fine so far, i also already have a first basic rule for grouping the devices, which also works fine.

now - for “ungrouping” i would like to read the current group state for the devices - if i understood it correctly, then the zonegroupid for the grouped devices should all be the same and the localcoordinator should show “on” on the main device an “off” on the devices grouped to the main device, when the devices are grouped, right?

In my setup the zonegroupid does not change on any device, no matter, if the device ist in a group or not. I also grouped the devices in the app to see, if the values change in this case, but they don’t change. localcoordinator is “ON” on every device. Always.

Any ideas? can I find out the zonegroupid of the device by browsing directly (something simular to http://x.x.x.x:1400/xml/device_description.xml) ? Or any other method?

Firmware is 10.0, things where added by inbox, items added in items file.

Thank you, if you have any hints or ideas,


After a reboot everything worked as expected.

I have ignored your delete flag so that if someone comes across the problem, they can try a reboot.