[SOLVED] Sonos Group doesn't work

I have Sonos speakers and i control the speakers by openhab. The control of a single speaker works fine, but i can’t group the speaker. I’ve try it like descripted in the manual, but it will not work.


Player  EgKu_SonosPlay1_Control "ZSonos EgKu Control" <soundvolume> {channel="sonos:PLAY1:RINCON_000E58C3AC7401400:control"}
String  EgKu_SonosPlay1_RadioStation "ZSonos EgKu RadioStation" <soundvolume> {channel="sonos:PLAY1:RINCON_000E58C3AC7401400:radio"}
Dimmer  EgKu_SonosPlay1_Volume "ZSonos EgKu Volume" <soundvolume> {channel="sonos:PLAY1:RINCON_000E58C3AC7401400:volume"}
Switch  EgKu_SonosPlay1_StandAlone "ZSonos EgKu StandAlone" <soundvolume> {channel="sonos:PLAY1:RINCON_000E58C3AC7401400:standalone"}
String  EgKu_SonosPlay1_Add "ZSonos EgKu Add" <soundvolume> {channel="sonos:PLAY1:RINCON_000E58C3AC7401400:add"}

Player  EgEz_SonosPlay5_Control "ZSonos EgEz Control" <soundvolume> {channel="sonos:PLAY5:RINCON_000E588374EC01400:control"}
String  EgEz_SonosPlay5_RadioStation "ZSonos EgEz RadioStation" <soundvolume> {channel="sonos:PLAY5:RINCON_000E588374EC01400:radio"}
Dimmer  EgEz_SonosPlay5_Volume "ZSonos EgEz Volume" <soundvolume> {channel="sonos:PLAY5:RINCON_000E588374EC01400:volume"}
Switch  EgEz_SonosPlay5_StandAlone "ZSonos EgEz StandAlone" <soundvolume> {channel="sonos:PLAY5:RINCON_000E588374EC01400:standalone"}
String  EgEz_SonosPlay5_Add "ZSonos EgEz Add" <soundvolume> {channel="sonos:PLAY5:RINCON_000E588374EC01400:add"}

Rule to group two speakers, but doesn’t work:

rule "Button Sonos Kueche"
 	Item EgKuSonosButton received command
    if (receivedCommand == 2)
        sendCommand(EgKu_SonosPlay1_Add, "Esszimmer")
   	sendTelegram("MobileMarcel", "Sonos EG ein")

Sonos App:

No Error in the logfile:

The rule is called … the telegram in the rule works fine. but the group doesn’ work.
when i open the sonos app, the speakers “küche” & “esszimmer” are not grouped.

Have anyone an idea what’s the problem with group the speakers?

I don’t think you are supposed to group the speakers in openHAB.

What you should do is send the audio to the speaker which acts as the group controller, meaning the one that is defined as such in the SONOS application, and it will handle the audio by itself.

I have a pair of PLAY1 in the bedroom that are grouped as a stereo pair and this is what I do, the SONOS do the correct channel separation and sync.

I don’t want pair speakers fix … like a stereo pair. in the binding description is the item “…:add” descripted to group some speaker. i think that works, but i think i make a mistake :frowning:

Then don’t group them as a stereo pair, that’s why you can define zones in SONOS. make your definition and grouping with the SONOS app and send the audio to the zone controllers.

I’m using RINCON_… in the rule:


Instead of “Esszimmer”. Give it a try…just to be sure


Thanks for the tip with “RINCON_…” instead of “Esszimmer”.
With RINCON… it work fine and the groups can changed with openhab. :slight_smile:

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