[SOLVED] Sonos is teasing me

Raspberry 3 Openhab 2,4M2

Sitemap Basic UI
Frame label=“Sonos køkken” {
Default item=Sonos_koek_Controller
Slider item=Sonos_koek_Volume
Switch item=Sonos_koek_Mute
Switch item=Sonos_koek_LED
Text item=Sonos_koek_CurrentTrack
Text item=Sonos_koek_State



Player Sonos_koek_Controller “Controller” (Sonos) {channel=“PLAY5:koek:control”}
Dimmer Sonos_koek_Volume “Volume [%.1f %%]” (Sonos) {channel=“PLAY5:koek:volume”}
Switch Sonos_koek_Mute “Mute” <soundvolume_mute> (Sonos) {channel=“PLAY5:koek:mute”}
Switch Sonos_koek_LED “LED” (Sonos) {channel=“PLAY5:koek:led”}
String Sonos_koek_CurrentTrack “Now playing [%s]” (Sonos) {channel=“PLAY5:koek:currenttrack”}
String Sonos_koek_State “Status [%s]” (Sonos) {channel=“PLAY5:koek:living:state”}

Works (Can control it)

Frame label=“Sonos stue” {
Default item=Sonos_stue_Controller
Slider item=Sonos_stue_Volume
Switch item=Sonos_stue_Mute
Switch item=Sonos_stue_LED
Text item=Sonos_stue_CurrentTrack
Player Sonos_stue_Controller “Controller” (Sonos) {channel=“CONNECT:stue:control”}
Dimmer Sonos_stue_Volume “Volume [%.1f %%]” (Sonos) {channel=“CONNECT:stue:volume”}
Switch Sonos_stue_Mute “Mute” <soundvolume_mute> (Sonos) {channel=“CONNECT:stue:mute”}
Switch Sonos_stue_LED “LED” (Sonos) {channel=“CONNECT:stue:led”}
String Sonos_stue_CurrentTrack “Now playing [%s]” (Sonos) {channel=“CONNECT:stue:currenttrack”}
String Sonos_stue_State “Status [%s]” (Sonos) {channel=“CONNECT:stue:living:state”}

This doesnt work…

I really cant see the difference.Everything works in Paper UI

What am i missing…

I would have expected the term “sonos:” before the “PLAY5” on the first example and before the “CONNECT” on the second. Can’t say why the first works without.
Did you copy the channel syntax from PaperUI?

Thx u nailed it .

I had duplicate channel syntaxes…