(Solved?)[Sonos] Save/Restore not working anymore?

Hi, I updated to the OnlineDistribution#284 tonigth.
When checking my Sonos-related rule I observed that the Save/Restore isn’t working as expected/before.

Expected behaviour: When Item change to ON detected, Save State of Player, Play given URI, Sleep 25 secs, Restore state as before.
When playing a radiostation before the start, the URI gets played, however the radiostation isn’t restarted after the Sleep.

[code]rule “CheckAnwesenheitJuergen”

Item Juergen_WLAN changed to ON
sendCommand(PlayWZ_L_Save, “ON”)
sendCommand(PlayWZ_L_PlayUri, “x-rincon-mp3radio://”)
sendCommand(PlayWZ_L_Restore, “ON”)

Did some more testing,
Save and Restore are both working for me only if these channels are declared as an item AND if they are member of a Group. I’m not sure if it is neccessary to display this Group.