[SOLVED] Spinning Wheel - PaperUI - Installing App - Network Binding

Evening all,

Completely new to this, been trying to figure it out all day!

I have downloaded and imaged an SD card with OpenHab for RaspberryPi and allowed it to setup. After a long time, it setup ok and I could see the webpage. I decided to run the update and upgrade before doing anything.

It downloaded and did all the updates, once upgraded, I could not get the webpage to load. I rebooted the pi. Still nothing, re-ran updates and it started working.

I selected standard install as advised in the documentation and then went to paperui and attempted to install the network binding, I clicked install and all I get is a constant spinning wheel. Refresh results in the install button being available again.

I have not changed any config files at all. I saw another post mentioning a directory /opt/opehab2/config but that directory doesn’t even exist from what I can see.

Please be gentle, first post and very novice Linux user.


That is a directory for a manual install, not the repo install:


You need to give the bindings a little time to download and getting active.
Alternative is to edit addons.cfg in /services folder and add

binding = network

But be aware that that file takes precedence over PaperUI installed bindings.

Hi, thank you for your reply, really appreciated.

I left the turning circle for at least 30 mins and it did not install.

I put the files in the directory above and followed some instructions I found about clearing two directories and manually editing a file. Didn’t seem to work until I rebooted, then on entering the webpage it reinstalled the standard setup and then it let me install the network bindings in minutes.

I will try to find the post I followed and add detail.