[SOLVED] Start over

I installed openhabian on my RP2 and everything was perfect. now my mqtt broker is offline and I can not fix it. I am stupid when it comes to this stuff but would love to connect my shelly1 s to the system.I want to format sd card and start over. Is this possible?? I did change a password for the console in openhabian-config since then mqtt broker does not work. I dont know if this is the reason and if it is I dont know how to fix it. Any help out there?

Backup your /etc/openhab2 folder manually and just put the SD card back into a system you run etcher on and install openhabian again if are looking to start over.

When you are back up and running copy a couple of things back into /etc/openhab2 and verify things don’t break on you.

Ok I will give it a try… Thanks

Ok that worked its back up and running. MQTT binding is online now the problem with my shelly 1 s.
As soon as I add state and command it goes offline.

I don’t have mqtt setup anymore, or a Shelly device.

However with this being mqtt2.x have you tried the older mqtt1.x binding? My thought is that if it works fine with the 1.x version it will help in knowing that its not the Shelly with the issue but something with the 2.x binding.

Ok all is good. The shelly ID on the shelly app states 2c7929 but MQTT.fx says 2C7929 and that made the difference!! It works!!!