[SOLVED] Starting openHAB as a Service

What does Adapt the first entry (OPENHAB_HOME) to match your openHAB installation directory means?


Please add a link, screenshot or whatever as context so your question makes sense…

It’s always discouraging to see quickly typed one-line questions demanding for an answer. Why not start a thread with

“Hello, I’m having a problem understanding the instructions at … I’m using openHAB version … on Windows … and would be thankful for help. Best Adil”

You are probably referring to this document http://docs.openhab.org/installation/windows.html#starting-openhab-as-a-service

However as the answer to your question is five line below the sentence in your question, I don’t know where you got confused.


Thanks buddy. Sorry for the inconvenience, you got in answering to my question. As it was my first time, but in the future, I’ll be specific. Once again, thanks a lot.

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