[SOLVED] Stuckued with super-easy GPIO Switch

I’m ashamed for asking this, but I’ve got stucked tryin to add a easy push button to activate an openhab switch.

The “Hardware”. A 12 female pin strip (so I’dont make a mistake using single pins),. In one end of the strip I soldered one cable that goes to on of the switch pins. I leave one pin unconnected and in the third pin I connect the other part of the switch and one side of a 1Komh resitor. In the other side of the strip (remember 12 pins) I solder the other side of the resistor.


According to Raspi 3 pinout , if I connect this strip in the row which is not on th side of the Raspi and the first pin I said in the closest pin to the USB Ports I should be using GND, GPIO19 and 3.3Vpower ¿Correct?

Well, if I push the button, My raspi3 reboots??

Any idea of what am I doing wrong??


Forget it, it’'s working!!!

Don’t know what I’ve changed, probably I misplace the strip??