[Solved] Switch from simple to standard package

Hi all, i’m a newbie to openhab and i’m trying to test it via openhabian distro, so please excuse me if the question could seems stupid. First time i launched openhab i selected the “simple gui” as shown in the documentation (http://docs.openhab.org/configuration/packages.html).
NOw i would like to switch to “standard package”, but i can’t understand how to achieve it.
I already installed openhab-package-standard via the console:

The package now look installed but maybe i’m missing some additional step, because nothing seems to be changed.
Thanks in advance for your kind help :slight_smile:

Edit your addons.cfg to
package = standard
A restart may be needed.

Thanks for your quick help sihui.
All the options in addons.cfg were commented out, so i simply changed the package line as you suggested.
After a reboot, the PAPER-UI section called “Add-ons” was populated with some extra options (like User-Interfaces, Persistence …) so i could install HABmin and the BasicUI.

Now i’ll try to configure the daiking binding, which i saw must be manually edited as it’s not ready for the eclipse infrastructure. Hope to achieve this step in few days :wink:
Thanks for your help and your really quick answer.

Don’t forget the steps mentioned here: