[Solved] Switch from Textual Files to PaperUI -> MQTT 1 Binding -> Textfiles needed?

I am going to make a fresh install and do all in Configuration in PaperUI. I have a lot of MQTT - Devices which needs and outgoing mapping and therefore I have to stick to the 1.x Binding at the Moment. Can I create this Items also in PaperUI or do I have to stay with textual Items only for this binding?

Items yes, Things and channels no because those don’t exist for 1.x bindings :sunglasses:

With oh 2.5m1 this is implemented actually.

Perfect. Thank you. I will try in the next few days.

One last question:

How can I use Outgoing value transformation? I have a Map (PIR.MAP):


What exactly do I have to write in the field Outgoing value transformation?

Why do you need an outgoing transformation to a pair. They are inbound sensors.

I am sorry, of course I have a switch, which needs: ON = 1

e.g. from the old binding:

Just add MAP:PIR.MAP to the Outgoing Transformation field on the Channel Config.

Thank you very much!

… if you don’t want to use map files you may use the custom value fields: