[SOLVED] Switch in sitemap shows mappings AND a numeric value

In Basic UI, a numeric value appears next to a Switch’s mappings. I don’t want to display the numeric value, only the text in mappings.


In Items, Thermostat_FanControl and Thermostat_Mode are defined as Numbers.

Number Thermostat_FanControl "FanControl" <fan> (Thermostats, Foyer) {mqtt=">[broker:premise/command/thermostat/fancontrol:command:*:default],<[broker:premise/thermostat/fancontrol:state:default]"}
Number Thermostat_Mode "Mode" <heating> (Thermostats, Foyer) {mqtt=">[broker:premise/command/thermostat/mode:command:*:default],<[broker:premise/thermostat/mode:state:default]"}

In Sitemap, there are defined as Switches with appropriate mappings.

Switch item=Thermostat_Mode label="Hold" mappings=[0="OFF", 2="ON"]
Switch item=Thermostat_FanControl label="Fan Control" mappings=[0="AUTO", 1="ON"]

What am I doing wrong?


OpenHAB V2.3

VS Code reports no errors in Items or Sitemap

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use label=“Hold []”
(Square brackets)

Thank you! That did the trick!