[SOLVED] Switch works fine in Paper UI but not in sitemap

RPi3 running openHABian
My skill level is ‘novice’.
I have a Belkin Wemo switch (first “thing” added to my HA project), which is visible in Paper UI > Configuration > Things, and is also visible at Paper UI > Control where I can successfully toggle the item ON/OFF.
On to sitemap creation, I created “house.items” and “house.sitemap” with this Wemo switch as the only item.
In Basic UI I can see the sitemap and all looks as expected, but when I actuate the switch from the sitemap the switch does not respond.
I’m looking for advice from the community on how I might solve this problem.

My house.items file contains a single entry:
Switch Den_switch “Den Switch” {channel=“wemo:socket:Socket-1_0-221739K0105C2B:state”}

My house.sitemap file is as follows:
sitemap house label=“My home Automation” {
Frame label=“Den Stuff” {
Switch item=Den_Switch label=“Den Switch”

As an aside -
I have also set up another sitemap for a UPS that makes use of the Network UPS Tools binding, and all the the items I defined are visible and displaying the expected information. What’s different here though is that all the sitemap items are “Text” and therefore displaying information only; there is no control being done within this sitemap.


I don’t use the wemo binding but it seems to me that your channel link is wrong. It points only to a state, not a control channel. (edit: I am wrong… that’s the correct channel type to use… Link)

Can you post a screenshot of the Wemo Thing configuration and it’s channels from PaperUI?

in your item you have Den_switch with a small s and in the sitemap with a capital S :wink:


Indeed you are correct, and it’s now working fine. Thank you for attention
to detail, which is at times not my strongest attribute!! (hahaha). It’s
good to know however that my growing understanding of the workings of
openHAB is on the correct path.

No problem, happens to the best :wink: