[SOLVED] Switching NAS on and off

i tried to switch by QNAP NAS on and off via openhab therfore I included two switches

Thing exec:command:storage_power_off "Storage Power Off" [command="ssh -p port USER@IP halt", interval=0, timeout=15, autorun=false]

Switch PC "NASr" { wol="" }
Switch storage_poweroff_item "Storage Power Off" { channel="exec:command:storage_power_off:run"}

Switching on and off is fine

How can i combine these switches to one??

I think you might be able to just list both on one Item.

Switch Power { channel="exec:command:storage_power_off:run", wol="" }

The ON command to this Item should get passed to both bindings.

If that doesn’t work, create a Group, put both Items into the same Group, and send the command to the Group. The Group will forward it to all it’s members.

Thanks @rlkoshak . Haven’t found and explanation for the


At the end?? What does it mean???

That’s one of the channels on the exec:command:storage_power_off Thing. All of the channels are described and documented in the binding docs.