[SOLVED] Synology 2.5 spk install problems

Hi, as the openhab 2.5.1 spk package is not released, I have done it myself. Here it is, again with no warranty.

[Official package out. Link removed]

Hi I have created the openhab 2.5.2 spk. As always, this is amateur work so no warranty
[Official package out. Link removed]

Now the official package from Synology is out. I remove the links to the packages that I created.

I have tried installing the package 2.5.2 available here.
It did not work for me, but it looks like a different problem (the openhab user is not deleted, I did not recreate it. But to allow access to the configuration files, after installation I just do:

chmod -R g+rxw conf/
chmod -R g+rxw userdata/

I switched to Ubuntu. I am sorry but I don’t have a Synology installed anymore.