[SOLVED] System crashes after rsyslogd-2007 errors

Dear all

Since lately my system crashes sporadically. When I go in the syslog file I see that roughly 30-50 messages as below are being logged, before system crashes:

Apr 15 03:55:01 openHABianPi CRON[14083]: (root) CMD (command -v debian-sa1 > /dev/null && debian-sa1 1 1)
Apr 15 04:05:01 openHABianPi rsyslogd-2007: action 'action 17' suspended, next retry is Mon Apr 15 04:06:01 2019 [try http://www.rsyslog.com/e/2007 ]

I have no clue what the cause if this could be. Any help would be highly appreciated.

Cheers Rolf

None of these are coming from openHAB. If I were to guess, I’d say that your file system was corrupted because of a power failure or your SD card is wearing out.

Take a look at this post. I don’t think the action 17 is the root cause of the crash.

Dear all

Thanks a lot for the hints. It seems to be the xconsole issue. I commented the last four lines in the rsyslog.conf out. Now the error messages seem to have disappeared.

Cheers Rolf

@rlkoshak: i would like to come back to your comment regarding sd card. I got the impression that also sd card makes problem. Do you have an idea what the average life expectancy of such a card is? i guess writing to the card (which is heavily used by logging) is a key determinant?

Thanks for a hint…

Cheers Rolf

It’s all based on number of writes. But there are so many factors that come into play such as manufacturing quality, loss of power instead of shutting down, etc, that it’s almost impossible to guess. Theoretically a good 16-32 GB SD card should last 10+ years. But in practice, many many users see much less from six months to a year.

There is also a big problem with power outages because that can corrupt files on the system, even files that are not actively being written to. It can be very difficult for us here on the forum to tell the difference between the two so often the diagnosis/recommendation is the card is wearing out/replace it.

A forum contributor awhile back shared a Google Sheets workbook where one could enter the size and write rates and get an estimate for how long the SD card should last. But YMMV.

I’ve had an SD card that was recording video full time last about 9 months. I’ve other SD cards with minimal writes to the SD card that have been fine for five years.

Dear Rich

Thanks a lot for your extensive answer. I guess i will just set up the system from scratch with a new sd card (mine is 2 years old, with quite a lot writing via logging).

Cheers Rolf