[SOLVED] Systeminfo binding and deviceIndex

Systeminfo works on Raspberry Pi3 and Win10-PC, but i can’t use deviceIndex for network(storge,drive,display,battery), no info is shown.

String Network_AdapterName          (Si) { channel="systeminfo:computer:work:network#networkDisplayName" } //works
//String Network_AdapterName0          (Si) { channel="systeminfo:computer:work:network0#networkDisplayName" }
String Network_AdapterName1          (Si) { channel="systeminfo:computer:work:network1#networkDisplayName" }
String Network_AdapterName2          (Si) { channel="systeminfo:computer:work:network2#networkDisplayName" }


According to the docs this doesn’t work yet without some manual intervention, I couldn’t find the computer.xml file on my Pi3 so might be looking in the wrong place


Unfortunately this feature can’t be used at the moment without manually adding these new channel groups to the thing description (located in ESH-INF/thing/computer.xml).

systeminfo binding

I also couldn’t find it on Pi3 and Win10.

The computer.xml file is not user-configurable.

Modifying it would require rebuilding the binding.


Thanks for the clarification.