[SOLVED] (Tankerkoenig) Webservice going offline with Communication Error

I observed my Webservice of the Tankerkoenig binding going offline this morning, events log show:

2018-07-27 06:18:44.708 [hingStatusInfoChangedEvent] - 'tankerkoenig:webservice:3c37f9cd' changed from ONLINE to OFFLINE (COMMUNICATION_ERROR): ERROR:  could not extend file "base/16384/1700287": Auf dem Gerät ist Kein Speicherplatz..
HINT:  Check free disk space.

Did anyone else observe the same?

Deleting the Webservice and creating a new one solved the actual issue. However I’m curious why that happened , since that log message isn’t directly written by the binding.
When trying to get the log from Tankerkoenig.de showing my web-request while the faulty service was on resulted in a “No log available” requesting it after the new one was in use gave a log with only the new requests. I’m not sure if that is related.

The problem was caused by Tankerkoenig.de and is solved.
The solution posted above will restart the service if necessary.