[SOLVED] TCP/UDP binding only shows installed in "add new binding"

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i"ll try to keep it short again :slight_smile:

i have seen a youtube movie a while back about the installation of openhabian on the RPI.
I remember that guy enabled tcp/udp and then did a scan for all active IP’s on his network.
Then he created a “simple - active for so long” button on the Basic UI.
In the mean while i have (quickly) rewachted every movie in my history but can not find this back… :frowning:

When i install the tcp/udp binding nothing realy happends tbh, it does not popup under configuration - bindings.
I see it is installed when go to “add a new binding” but that is it.
if i remember correctly that guys was able to open this tcp/udp thing somewhere in the paperUI and then he could do a IP scan on his network.

Any idea what i am talking about? :slight_smile:

This is a 1.x binding so you will need to create an item in your items file.

Hey H102,

hi again and thx for your reply :slight_smile:
is there a newer version available then?
I really think he had more options via paperUI then from what i have?

What version OH are you using?


1.x is the only binding I could find. I also check for a snapshot binding but no luck. Here’s the doc’s with examples to setup and configure your item.https://www.openhab.org/addons/bindings/tcp1/#binding-configuration

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You might be thinking of Network binding with discovery enabled.

Hey rossko57,

that is what i have been searching for!
Thank you very much!

Hey H102,

thanks for all the effort!
Network binding seemed to be what i was looking for.