[SOLVED] Telegesis Zigbee controller/Smartthings things/Zigbee 2.4 binding incompatability?

Hi there.

Newbie playing around with OH2 to determine if it is the future for me.

My problem is that when adding Smartthings Zigbee devices they are (not really) recognized as:

“Unknown ZigBee Device 000D6F000B9385B4
ZigBee Device
Generic ZigBee Device
Status: OFFLINE”

I have installed OH2 2.4 on a Rasperry Pi 3.

I am using the Zigbee 2.4.0 binding and have the Telegesis ETRX357USB-LRS stick installed.

It reports:
Telegesis USB Device (ZigBee USB dongle)
Telegesis Coordinator
Telegesis ETRX3 Dongle
Status: ONLINE
Current firmware version: R309C Unknown

I have 12 SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor (2015 model) and 6 SmartThings Motion Sensor (2015 model).

As far as I can understand the Zigbee binding manual states that both the Telegesis stick and the Smartthings devices have been tested and should be working. But has anyone got that combo working together?

Have tried to look at the log-file as suggested but can not make head or tails of that. Searching the forum also came up blank.

Am I missing something?

BTW: Other bindings like Zwave or Hue works fine.

Have included the log-file from when trying to add devices if that makes sense to anyone.

Log - unicode.txt (452.6 KB)

I don’t know if I have tested your exact model of sensors, but in general, yes, they should work fine.

Maybe the devices are sleeping too quickly after being included and the binding is not able to fully detect the services - there are a number of timeouts during this phase so it might be worth looking to see if you can keep them awake.

Hi Niel,
Welcome to openHAB.
I don’t know about Zigbee, so I can’t help you now
But someone will. Don’t give up.

Have you searched the forum for your devices?

If you don’t get an answer, remember that we are all volunteers here and be patient. Just bump your post after a while.


Wow, that was fast response :slight_smile:

The Smartthings devices are not the most configurable devices (as in NO settings at all) so that is probably not a viable path.

Maybe someone has got them working with another ZigBee controller and will let me know.

I have tested these devices with both the Telegesis and Ember, and possibly XBee. As I said though, I don’t know if it’s the exact same versions as yours as there are 3 or 4 different models.

Which controller are you interested in?

Hi Chris

First of all: Thank you for your help - it is much appreciated.

These are the only ZigBee devices I have, (12 x SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor (2015 model) and 6 x SmartThings Motion Sensor (2015 model) so I will buy just about any controller if it will make these Smartthings devices work with OpenHab2 (on a Raspberry Pi 3).

Which controller is the most “compatible” if I was to give it a try? The Ember or the XBee?

Buying one (or even two) controller must be cheaper (and much more convenient) then replacing 18 Smartthings sensors :slight_smile: On the other hand if you don’t think that will solve the problem then new sensors is the way forward.



Generally speaking, the Ember is likely to be the most compatible, and also the most futureproof. Most of the company users are using Ember, and it has initial support for ZB3, and it’s what I tend to do most of the development against. There are still some issues to iron out with it still, but I would say it’s currently the best supported (and it’s likely to remain so).

The problem is - there are not too many dongles available. Since you are using a Pi though, the EleLabs board is probably a good option.

Hi Chris

Problem solved: I bought a Bitvitron USB ZigBee controller. It detects as: Ember EM35x Coordinator.

This is able to detect both my Smartthings motion sensor and my Smartthings contact sensor.

The Smartthings contact sensor identifies as CentraLite 3321-S (if you want to add that to the ZigBee binding help-file).

So either the Telegesis coordinator is not as compatible as the Ember coordinator - or maybe my Telegesis stick is faulty (It was able to detect other Zigbee devices though).

In any case a big “thank you” for your help in solving my problem.


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