[SOLVED] Telegram action configuration documentation

I struggled a little bit when configuring the telegram action
The simple reason was that the chatID are prefixed with a “-”.
I also use node-red and the telegram node doesn’t require the “-” in front of the chat ID
so as far as I was concerned I did it right but OH log was throwing out HTTP 400 errors

After a bit of trying to type the token by hand and other things, I put the “-” in front of the chat ID.

Could this be added to the documentation "Make sure to include the “-” if your chatID is prefixed with a “-”.



Open an issue here or even better, click on the README.md file, press the pencil icon in the upper right corner, and make the changes yourself.

This will create a PR. In the comment to the PR make sure to include “Signed off by Your Name: your email address”.

Thank you Rich,
Unfortunately the readme.md link in your reply doesn’t work and despite all
my looking on github, I can’t find it there.
Can you help me by pointing me in the right direction on Github, please


Use the first link (named “here”) provided by @rlkoshak, on this page you SEE the link to the README file. Just click on that one and proceed as suggested by Rich.

As you can see in your post, the Forum Software made a link out of “Readme” plus “.md”, which it shouldn’t have.

Thank you,
All done, I hope…
After using Openhab for 3 years now and recently moved over to OH2 after my
pi died, I finally made a contrib. Yeah!!

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Discourse will try to create a link out of anything followed by a . and a valid domain. That is why it tries to create a link out of shell scripts and such. For the curious, .md is the domain for Moldova.