[SOLVED] Telegram: Fatal transport error

Dear Community!

I have a problem with the Telegram action on the latest Milestone build (2.4M4).
Sometimes I get this fatal transport error, like this one. It is marked as fixed everywhere, but I sometimes see this error and that time, the message is not delivered. Anyone here with the same issue or a solution for it?

Let me try it out tomorrow

Thank you! Waiting for your response.

I did forget. And I have removed my telegram stuff. I’ll have to rebuild a bit. sorry

Reloaded the telegram action and set my api key and chat id
All is working…

Your issue is:

You are timing out on the connection to telegram. It could be anything. Your network, your ISP, telegram…

So it might be Telegram… usually I don’t get exceptions like this. If there is an outage I get almost right away many exceptions by bindings which rely on internet connection.

What do you use instead of Telegram?

OpenHAB cloud