[SOLVED] Telldus Thermo/Hydro via RFXCOM?

Hello World!

So, in order to complicate my life a wee bit more, I went and bought a pack of (cheap) Telldus climate sensors (thermometer and hydrometer). They speak 433.92MHz and I am nursing the hope of getting my RFXCOM transceiver to hear them. I actually have a Tellstick lying around, but would prefer not to run yet another unit just to listen on that band.

So, has anyone tried (successfully or not) to get their RFXCOM unit to play nice with Telldus’ sensors? And do you have any idea of what protocol they speak - or even if I can decipher their unit/channel name without going through the Telldus stick setup process?

I have tried searching and was actually a bit surprised not to find anything here nor elsewhere on the interwebs - so either my search skills are lacking, there is something obvious everyone else thinks of but not me or, for some reason, I am the first to being challenged by this. :slight_smile:

Anywho, thanks for any help!



It look like these devices are not even recognized by RFLink which has a bigger list of devices than RFX
You maybe out of luck on these

The tellstick will come in handy

…tried a novel idea; RFXCOM actually states read compatibility with the Telldus climate sensors of the type I have - using protocol FineOffset. From this point onwards, I suspect it will mainly be a question of getting that protocol to turn on (either using the win manager or through the binding, if that actually works).


We hit the ball at the same time; but RFXCOM actually states compatibility! Will update when I actually see the values. :smile:

RFLink also get FineOffset
What model of sensor do you have?

I now have successful measures. It’s Telldus Thermometer/Hydrometer 313160, through FineOffset/Viking on a RFXCOMtrxE transceiver, running some pretty ancient firmware. :slight_smile:

Must express my appreciation for RFXCOM actually providing a table over known compatible devices.

Hope you can get there as well!