[SOLVED] TKB Home TZ68 physical Switch


openHAB (2.4.0 Build #1460) does not recognize, when the physical device switch was pushed.

In my old fhem envoirement I had to associate the device’s association group 1 with the controller.

But in openHAB there is no ability to configure the association group for this device type.

On cd-jackson the device is listed with association group: none

As you can see on https://products.z-wavealliance.org/products/1444/assoc?noFilename=True there is one association group.

Is it possible to create a association manually?

Thanks for your help!


P.S: Same for Duewi ZW-ZS-3500 (duw064374)

If association is missing for the device in the device database, you should add it. Instructions are on the site (and in forum).

No - it will need to be added to the database.

Thank you, Chris!
I’m new to openhab, but I will give it a try :wink:

But at the moment cd-jackson.com seems to be down…



But at the moment cd-jackson.com seems to be down…

Sorry - the main router went down this afternoon for a couple of hours, but is back up now (244 days since the last downtime, so not too bad :slight_smile: ).

Association Group 1 for the TZ68 device was added to the database. I can confirm that state changes were now delived correctly to the controller.