[SOLVED] To mofidy the BLINDS icon

Hi to all
i have this Icon of a BLINDS

In this image we can see that when the blind icon is up the % is zero. Instead when the blind icon is down the % is 100.
Is it possible to do the opposite?

Which hardware??? You need to give much more information when asking questions:

If zwave hardware, just change the configuration in your blinds_control channel


if you only use that icon for that purpose, you could change the name of each percentage icon file.

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I solved.
To close completaly the bilnd it takes 24 sec.
So i created an
item Icon as String
Then i use this code:

 icon = (24 - actual_time).intValue
			icon = (icon/0.24).intValue


So i have 0% when the icon is completaly opened as this image:

and 100% when the icon is completaly closed:

Well, you should not change the default icons. You could copy the icons and rename to reverseblind.svg etc.

it doesn’t work.
while i open the blind the icon don’t change from closed to opened

Obviously you have to rename your icons in a different order to get different pictures for the same state. You have to put these iconsin the right folder. You have to check the default icon style settings for your UI in PaperUI.
You have to change your Item icon reference to point to your new icons.
You may have to chnage your sitemap if you are specifying icons there.

You have to give us more info when you want help.

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ok now it works :slight_smile: