[SOLVED] TP Link HS103 missing switch channel

I have an RPI 3 running 2.5M3 (set up through openhabian). I just added 3 TP Link HS103 switches. They are found in discovery, but the channels are wrong. According to the binding doc, I should see the switch, the LED control, and the signal strength. But all I see is the Power as you can see below. This is not very useful - I really need the switch channel. How can I debug this further?

The power channel is the switch channel

I’ve clarified the documentation:

Also the other channels are under advanced:

courtesy to @wborn: [SOLVED] Milestone 4 - SystemInfo Issues

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Am I looking at the correct documentation? On this page: https://www.openhab.org/addons/bindings/tplinksmarthome/ it says there is a switch channel to control the power, and a power channel to get the power measurement:

I’ll use power as you suggest, but I’m confused.


Now I see the issue. It IS a switch channel, but it’s labeled Power:


Okay, confusing, but solved.

Looks like a case of non-native English people naming labels. The switch channel uses a openHAB wide defined channel type system.power. That channel has the label Power. I think that label name isn’t the best and if you have a better suggestion please let it know.

The power channel mentioned in the documentation refers to electrical power and was created in an earlier version before I switched to the channel type system.power for the switch. But renaming channels breaks peoples installations, so the channels were not changed.

List of these system channels can be found here:

Btw you are actually looking at the changed documentation as mentioned above. In order to clarify it I changed Switch the Smart Home device on or off. to Power the device on or off. So at least it refers to the word Power linking it to the label. But maybe it doesn’t make it clearer after all :frowning_face: