[SOLVED] Transform JSON with "." in keys

I’m trying to extract the exchange rate (“1.19318216”) from following JSON array:

    "Realtime Currency Exchange Rate": {
        "1. From_Currency Code": "EUR",
        "2. From_Currency Name": "Euro",
        "3. To_Currency Code": "USD",
        "4. To_Currency Name": "United States Dollar",
        "5. Exchange Rate": "1.19318216",
        "6. Last Refreshed": "2017-11-25 22:08:02",
        "7. Time Zone": "UTC"

I don’t know how to handle the “.” in the field name. Without the “.” it would work by using JSONPATH expression

$..5 Exchange Rate

As soon as I add the “.”, I get an empty response. Any idea how I can solve this?


Quick Google: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/19726859/jsonpath-junit-escape-character-for-dots

Thanks. That showed me the way. Got it working.