[Solved ]Trigger Homematic HM-OU-CF-Pl Doorbell


I am new to the homematicbinding. I installed homegear, the homematicbinding and paired some devices. This is working so far.
At the moment I like to make a Switch in openhab to test the doorbell, but I think I have a misunderstanding at the parameters.
As I read here (German) Funkgongparameter I have to send e.g. 1,1,10800,0 to the bell for the build in tone.
Switch Gong “Gong” (Door) { homematic=“address=LEQ1434763, channel=2, parameter=1,1,108000,0” }
The openhab.log states " Each entry must have a key and a value" so it seems it doesn’t like the comma seperated parameter list.
I also found this document Script tutorial afterwards which has some more parameter listed. So I tried
Switch Gong “Gong” (Door) { homematic=“address=LEQ1434763, channel=2, parameter=STATE action=1,1,108000,0” }
and had the same error in the log.
In this German forum someone said he has this bell with openhab running, but doesn’t say how. I think I am just overseeing something right now or have a stupid misunterstanding, so I hope someone can get me out of there…

Thanks in advance


Hi Nico,

the first document describes a way to script the doorbell on the HomeMatic side (pick a special song from the playlist, repeating tracks etc.). I guess that is not what you’re actually trying to do.

Like most other HomeMatic devices you can simply use them as a switch to test them by binding them to the STATE data point on the correct channel (1= LED, 2 = bell).

So, if you just want to test if it works try { homematic=“address=LEQ1434763, channel=2, parameter=STATE” }

In this case STATE is the name of the parameter and the value is ON or OFF, depending on your openHAB switch state.


Hi Birger,

thank you, that was far to easy…
This is working so far, it rings with the standardsound and the other channel blinks as long as the button is on with the standard color.

I am of course still interested how the other blink-codes or picking the a special soundfile will work.
But so far - it rings, that was most important for me at the moment, so thanks again for your fast help!


Hi Nico.

If you want to use the MP3 Gong in detail you have to use a different datapoint.

For details about those datapoints eq3 is providing an always update document: Download here

Here you can see how I did describe my Items related to the MP3 Gong

String MP3_Gong_Signal {homematic=“address=IEQ1234567, channel=1, parameter=SUBMIT, forceUpdate=true”}
String MP3_Gong_Ton {homematic=“address=IEQ1234567, channel=2, parameter=SUBMIT, forceUpdate=true”}
Switch MP3_Gong_Unreach “MP3_Gong [MAP(home.map):Unreach_%s]” (unreach) {homematic=“address=IEQ1234567, channel=0, parameter=UNREACH”}

The usage of the device can then be done in a rule …

MP3_Gong_Signal.sendCommand(“1,1,108000,34,2,34,2,34,2,34,2,34,2”) // Grün lang blinkend

I hopes this helps you.


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Hi Lars,

yes, that helps very much! I had now Idea how to send the 1,1,108000,… strings.
It works! And thanks for the link.
So great, next thing in openhab working :slight_smile:

Thanks again