<Solved> Trouble with creating account at New OpenHAB Cloud site

BTW I only discovered the OpenHAB cloud move because I lost remote access this past weekend & went to the my.openhab.org site to check. I saw no other notice of the change.

I made the necessary changes for the new cloud service in openhab.cfg. I deleted the my.openhab.xxx.jar from addons
I put the new openhab cloud jar into addons

I went to register as a NEW USER at https://myopenhab.org/login
Site was busy & timed out. (Others like me must have been trying at the last minute.)
Tried more than once & then got UUID already in use … a user with this email is already registered
Tried registered user sign in, got unknown user or incorrect password

I restarted OpenHAB running. It said OpenHAB Cloud is connected. Seemed a good sign.
However, I could not get remote access because the login failed
I tried again to log in to myopenhab.org with the Lost My Password option
Got: “Sorry, we were not able to find account for this email”

Will this eventually sort itself out or am I caught in a catch-22 loop?

Who can help me with this?

OK, after looking at some postings about myopenhab cloud, I discovered I needed to reply to an activation email.

I did click the link in the activation email, got a log in page saying email activation successful

I tried to log in my new account, Got "Unknown user or incorrect password"
Log in to remote access also failed.

Tried Lost My Password on the log in page.
Got “Sorry, we were not able to find account for this email”

PS I’m running OpenHAB 1.8.3 on Windows My Java version is 8.0.1110.14

Please help!

OK, now I have it working.

The last problem was how I typically type my email address, with some capitals which works ok in most places.

However, the myopenhab.org site log in requires the email address in all lower case.