[SOLVED] Turn all Lights On/Off

Hey there,

got one question. I would like to turn all lights On and Off. I´ve already read some other topics, but they didnt really helped.

Here’s the deal:
I tried it by myself by using the OpenHab Homebuilder. The builder already creates a “gLight” group. But on my browser there is only a group that inhales all lights that i can turn On and Off seperatly, but there is now way to turn them all On/Off by one click.

Can you please help me?

Group    Home                "Our Home"       <house>

Group    GF                  "Ground Floor"   <groundfloor>   (Home)
Group    FF                  "First Floor"    <firstfloor>    (Home)
Group    F2                  "Second Floor"   <attic>         (Home)

Group    GF_Attic            "Attic"          <attic>         (Home, GF)
Group    GF_Bedroom          "Bedroom"        <bedroom>       (Home, GF)
Group    FF_Backyard         "Backyard"       <lawnmower>     (Home, FF)
Group    FF_Boiler           "Boiler Room"    <gas>           (Home, FF)
Group    F2_Balcony          "Balcony"                        (Home, F2)
Group    F2_Backyard         "Backyard"       <lawnmower>     (Home, F2)

Switch   GF_Attic_Light      "Light"          <light>         (GF_Attic, gLight)         {channel=""}
Switch   GF_Bedroom_Light    "Light"          <light>         (GF_Bedroom, gLight)       {channel=""}
Switch   FF_Backyard_Light   "Light"          <light>         (FF_Backyard, gLight)      {channel=""}
Switch   FF_Boiler_Light     "Light"          <light>         (FF_Boiler, gLight)        {channel=""}
Switch   F2_Balcony_Light    "Light"          <light>         (F2_Balcony, gLight)       {channel=""}
Switch   F2_Backyard_Light   "Light"          <light>         (F2_Backyard, gLight)      {channel=""}

Group:Number:OR(ON, OFF)   gLight   "Light"   <light>   (Home)
sitemap our_home label="Our Home" {
    Frame label="Ground Floor" icon="groundfloor" {
        Group item=GF_Attic
        Group item=GF_Bedroom

    Frame label="First Floor" icon="firstfloor" {
        Group item=FF_Backyard
        Group item=FF_Boiler

    Frame label="Second Floor" icon="attic" {
        Group item=F2_Balcony
        Group item=F2_Backyard

    Frame {
        Text label="Light" icon="light" {
            Default item=GF_Attic_Light label="Attic"
            Default item=GF_Bedroom_Light label="Bedroom"
            Default item=FF_Backyard_Light label="Backyard"
            Default item=FF_Boiler_Light label="Boiler Room"
            Default item=F2_Balcony_Light label="Balcony"
            Default item=F2_Backyard_Light label="Backyard"
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Worked! Thank you very much =)

Fine, than make as solved plase.