[SOLVED] TvOS 12.4 HomeKit devices not responding external

I have just come back from overseas, and upon turning on my Apple TV for the first time saw an update had gone through.

What I seem to see now, is that on wifi all my homekit devices are fine. But externally they all go No Response. Externally I do look like I’m connected as when you look at the Home App you can still see my home hub as Connected.

I don’t believe it’s an OpenHAB problem (as I have devices exposed to homekit via Home Assistantalso, and these are in the same state), but are hoping someone else has seen a similar issue and might have some ideas.

I’ve done a reboot on my phone, ipad and apple tv, and signed out of icloud on the apple tv which see to be the common resolutions.

Here is my homekit.cfg


In the interests of solving this myself. What ended up working for me was to sign out of icloud on the apple tv (hub) rebooting, then signing back in.

Simply signing in and out, and rebooting the hub or client devices in isolation didn;t work.

Hm, i have the same issue.
But your workaround doesn’t work for me :frowning:

Yeah it’s stopped working for me also.