[SOLVED] Two new Z-Wave devices added to database not showing/working

So @chris just gave me access (thanks) to be able to insert two SimonTech devices and I did.

The items were a dimmer switch and a master blinds controller switch.

I have the latest update for OH 3.3.0 M5 but so far, all my dimmer and master switches still say “Unknown Device” in the “Thing Type”.

I’ve tried to delete and add again but since I have literally near 100 zwave devices, I’m very affraid of having to remove the binding and then this broking all the working ones that I have right now and having to add them one by one again and setting it all up, which would just be a huge pain (also because some are not very accessible).

So my question is, how can I make this work in a safe way so I won’t risk breaking the existing ones?

You will need to use a snapshot binding. They will not be in OH3.3 M5.


Cool, how can I do that?

Uninstall zwave binding from OH.
Go to console (sudo openhab-cli console) your sudo psd, then habopen pswd
Feature:install openhab-transport-serial
Go to website linked above.
Get snapshot.jar
Put jar in addons folder.
Pray (just kidding :wink:) but wait about a minute or so. With 100 nodes it could be a bit longer.

All should be good.


edit: there are other ways to do this as well, but this generally works for me. Worst case is to restart OH.

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Awesome, thank you for the details.

Do I have the risk of losing any of my configurations or things? I sure hope not. :roll_eyes:

No. Only things that should change are the ones you added to the DB.


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Thank you so much, it just worked! :slight_smile:

Glad I could help.


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Hey Bob, my mistake when I first added the Master Blinds Switch.

I added it with the EndPoints of a Dimmer and that’s definitely not the case so I switched it to have the Blinds EndPoints as that’s actually what it does. A master switch to basically control multiple blind switches, which in their system, automatically is recognized and in their APP they then select which blinds switches a master controls, but here since this is controlled over OH, I will then have to create rules for these Masters.

So when you can, please accept the modification and let me know so I can grab the snapshot. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!

Actually @chris is the only one that accepts changes. It is important to “Request Review” on the overview tab after making changes. I did that for you this time :slightly_smiling_face: Anyway a new snapshot should be there sometime this weekend…

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Awesome, thank you so much! :slight_smile:

Snapshot 188 has your change. Enjoy

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Awesome, thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

@chris or @apella12, can anyone of you tell me if the configuration for this item is according to this spec in this file: 10002081-xxx.pdf (884.3 KB)?

I mean, when I first inserted this unit in the database, I thought it was ok but I tried to work with it when I cannot send nor receive commands when I click the unit, so I can only guess the configurations are not correct.

Ok, many things seem to be wrong here, including the name for the equipment, which should not be " SimonTech S.L.U 10000306-039 IO Master Simon 100" but instead " SimonTech S.L.U 1000X081-XXX IO Master Simon 100", because the piece I inserted there is the “backbone”, not the “rocker” which is the front piece that communicates with the zwave protocol.

So this item is actually completely wrong and I’m sorry for that, but this one has definitely to be changed accordingly.

Can you please check it?

Please clearly state what you want to accomplish and do not expect the community to do the work for you.

OpenSmartHouse Z-Wave Device Database seems to be a copy of OpenSmartHouse Z-Wave Device Database.

IIUC, you are going to add
to the Z-Wave database.

I strongly recommend starting from scratch:

  • Have OpenSmartHouse Z-Wave Device Database deleted from the Z-Wave database.
  • Upload your XML file for your 10002081-13X to the Z-Wave database.
  • Add descriptions, parameters, association groups and channel(s) to the new device in the Z-Wave database.
  • Request review.
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I’m sorry, I did thought I had explicitly explained my difficulties. I didn’t wanted to sound rude, my bad.

Yes, my mistake back then.

Wow, I had no idea about this website! :exploding_head:
Thank you for sharing this!

Yup, that’s exactly what I will end up doing! :slight_smile:

One doubt, the “Product Data in XML Format” that I can download right here, is it the XML that I should put into a new device I create?

Because I did that and it’s always showing me the “error” message.

Please read Blog Posts.


Automatic entry of data is performed by uploading the node XML files that are automatically produced by openHAB directly to the database system. These files are generated by openHAB when it performs device discovery and contains all the information on supported command classes and their configuration.

File location is .../zwave/network_....xml.

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Ok I finally just added the device, the Unique Reference is iomastrollerbli. Here’s the link

Now it’s a matter of waiting for this to be reviewed, right?

Great. I would recommend to shorten the device description (" SimonTech S.L.U S100 iO Master Roller Blind Master Roller Blind IO is ready to operate with Z-Wave controllers and configured to be managed by Simon100 IO APP using the HUB plug IO for getting a") a little bit. :slight_smile: And don’t forget to press the “Request Review” button to trigger the reviewer.

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