[SOLVED] Umlauts in PaperUI broken after update from 2.4 to 2.5

Hello everyone,
after update from OH 2.4 to OH 2.5 there are a lot of umlaut-Problems.

  • The Name of the Things in PaperUI which contain Umlauts will are not displayed correctly.
    There are ‘?’ instead of Umlauts in the label.

  • The Celsius-Unit in HabPanel is not displayed correcty if i use ‘server-formatted display’ Option.
    Instead of ’ °C’ it is ’ ?C’

  • When i discover new Things they will displayed with correct Umlauts in the Inbox. But if i approve the Thing, then the Umlauts in the thing-list are not correct.

I have selected everywhere “German” and de_DE as localization……

any ideas?


Try stopping OH, cleaning the cache, and rebooting a few times. Just give OH time to fully restart between reboots.

i see now, that the Problem only exists when i run OH as a Windows-Service with the service-wrapper. when i run OH with the start.bat, then the Umlauts are correct.


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i solved the Problem by adding the following line in the openHAB2-wrapper.conf



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