[Solved] Unable to set Association Groups in PSM02 Multifiction PIR

Windows 10
openHAB version:2.4
Hi All

I’ve recently bitten the bullet and upgraded from OH1.8.8/9. I now have a mix of text and database, which mostly works fine. I’m using the 2,4 ZWave binding and substituted the new binding strings in my items file and all seems well.

However, I recently had a problem with one of my battery PIR sensors and had to exclude/re-include it. This allocated a new Node number (49), which I updated in my items file. Since then I’m struggling to set the Association Groups. These are stored in the PIR device and determine which node to send reports (e.g Temperature, Battery, Luminescence etc.) to. From previous 1.8 experience, unless these are set to Node1 (Controller), OH will not respond in Rules.

I do get Things events from Node 49 in the log when the PIR sensor fires and periodically, so the PIR seems to be working and OH seems to know when something happens. Also, my links to Items are present as expected.
Items extract:
Switch Presence_FF_MyBedroom “My Bedroom Presence [MAP(en.map):%s]” (Presence_Chart) { channel=“zwave:device:a4a442ca:node49:alarm_motion” }
Number Brightness_FF_MyBedroom “My Bedroom Brightness [%d] LUX” (Brightness_Chart) { channel=“zwave:device:a4a442ca:node49:sensor_luminance” }
Number Temperature_FF_MyBedroom “My Bedroom Temperature [%.1f °C]” (MyBedroom_Chart) { channel=“zwave:device:a4a442ca:node49:sensor_temperature” }
Number Battery_FF_MyBedroom “My Bedroom sensor battery [%d %%]” (Battery_Chart) { channel=“zwave:device:a4a442ca:node49:battery-level” }

The rules file is unchanged (My PIR sensor was working with both OH 1.8 and OH 2.4 for 2 weeks but I’m still fixing bugs and OH has been up and down a lot). My other PIR sensors with the same rule all work fine.
rule “MyBedroom_Occupied”
Item Presence_FF_MyBedroom changed from OFF to ON
if(LastOccupied1.state != “MyBedroom”) {

HABMin shows Node 49 after a Heal like this, even after multiple wake-ups:

No Neighbours are shown in HABmin Configuration:

This is the Configuration section for the node in HABmin:
Strangely, I can update other configuration parameters that reside on the PIR and the changes do show after a wake-up.

Here is a recent events log entry for node49 (there are lots and probably correspond to periodic reports or PIR activations) but none have a corresponding Linked Item entry:
2019-06-24 17:17:51.349 [me.event.ThingUpdatedEvent] - Thing ‘zwave:device:a4a442ca:node49’ has been updated.

Has anyone got any suggestions? I don’t understand why the red arrows are present, why there are no neighbours showing or why I can’t update the Association Groups but I can update other PIR parameters. It’s a bit baffling… All my many other PIRs seem to work except 1 other.

Any help very welcome before I pull the last of my thinning hair out.


Hi All
I’d forgotten to remove the old node from PaperUI. Even though the text items file no longer had any entries for the old node, the database still does and it included duplicate links to the items the new node references.
Once I deleted it (and from the inbox, where it turned up again), things started to work again.


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