[SOLVED] Underfloor system recommendation (Europe)

I am looking to acquire full underfloor system for 2 story house. I will need wireless thermostats for 6 rooms. So I am looking for a system recommendation.

The best I could find was HOMEMATIC IP 142974A0 which it’s not sold locally (i’d have to import it from Germany) which is not a big deal, but I also see some complaints about PWM regulation.

I can get Danfoss Icon and Danfoss Link locally, but I was unable to find any home automation information about these. I also found Uponor Smartrix and people have experimented with automating that, but it seems to be a bit raw right now.

Do you know about some better option?

This forum is not on home automation or even HVAC in general but on openHAB so please restrict yourself to that. Thank you for your understanding.

You could build you own temp readers easily using sonoffs, the manifold for each zone can be controlled using sonoff multi, control it all over mqtt. I have closed underfloor heating system on both floors, i use cheap digital wall thermostats but would like to upgrade someday, but doing it over wifi isn’t really worth it as each room is set at 21c and that’s it. It doesn’t need to be smart as it takes so long to warm up and cool down . My biggest concern is that my boiler isn’t quite big enough.

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