[SOLVED] Unknown outgoing connection from OpenHAB


While debugging another issue I noticed an outgoing connection from OpenHAB to an IP address that is not familiar to me. I already tried to stop all bindings via the console but the connection remained.
Here is screenshot of the connection (highlighted in blue):

Is it possible to see somewhere in the console which bundle has outgoing connections or something similar?

I’m running OpenHAB 2.4.0 M4 on a Windows Server 2012 OS. The installed Java version is JDK 8 Update 181, 64 bit.


Any idea how I can figure out what the FQDN is for that connection?

It could be something else running java on your machine, or It could be java auto update. try turning off auto update in the java settings.

I’ve figured it out. I used a DNS Query Sniffer and this showed me that it is actually a connection to api.wunderground.com