[SOLVED] Upgrade openhabian from 2.4.0-1 to 2.5 because need the updated z-wave things

Hi all,
I have a Raspberry Pi4 with openhabian with 2.4.0-1 running very good from 1 year. I have many things attached and I did a binding to manage the snap air (compiled for the 2.4.0), and 32 z-wave nodes. At the moment I should upgrade because I have to add the Fibaro Smart Implant (that isn’t in this version) so I should upgrade.
My question is:
If I cannot update the z-wave binding db with this thing, can I upgrade to the last version without any problems? At the moment on my version are running grafana, openhab skill, z-wave, HarmonyHub, Netatmo and many other. I had never upgraded with openhab-cli so I’m asking. (btw I did a full backup with win32 disk imaged and a backup with openhab-cli backup).
Thanks for any answer

I recommend reviewing the Release Notes. At a minimum, I would uninstall restdocs if you have it installed and reinstall after upgrading. The location in OH changed and the old one installed causes many upgrade issues.

Thanks for the answer, btw I solved in this way (because I just need to add the device fgbs-222 Fibaro Smart Implant to my system:

  • Uninstalled binding z-wave

  • Edit to the jar and the sha1 located in:


  • adding to thing the xml from the cd-jackson db for the fibaro fgbs-222

  • Reinstall binding

If you wanted to just update the binding I think the install script should still work. You will eventually need to update OH core anyway but the next core version is supposed to be OH3.

Zigbee and Z-Wave manual install script - Tutorials & Examples - openHAB Community