[SOLVED] Upgrading Jessie to Stretch/Mosquitto Key error

I am currently running Jessie on my RPi and trying to upgrade from OpenHAB 2.4 to 2.5.

I received the install error and found that I need to update from Jessie to Stretch to Buster prior to upgrading OH.

While trying to upgrade to Stretch, I’m getting an error that the Mosquitto key has expired.

I used

sudo apt-key list

and verified the key did expire.

I then deleted the key (verified it was removed) and installed the ‘new’ key:

sudo apt-key del 30993623
wget http://repo.mosquitto.org/debian/mosquitto-repo.gpg.key
sudo apt-key add mosquitto-repo.gpg.key

When I check the installed keys again, it again shows the expired key installed. All of my searches for the ‘latest’ mosquitto key, still point me to the same url.

Thanks in advance!

Why not use a fresh SD card and openhabian?

Yeah, Jessie is oldoldstable at this point.

Depending on what distro you have been running, hardware, and wear/tear on the SD card, a new one might not be a bad idea. Armbian have some really good info about SD card issues, testing (even when brand new (!) ), etc.

I am not so keen as others on this forum to recommend OpenHABian to everybody as a blanket recommendation. Personally I prefer Armbian. Further, I detest “wizards” and “automagical” things (I want to know what is going on, on any system I admin, so I will be better prepared to fix it when it breaks). But I also enjoy learning about GNU/Linux in general, and I have learned a fair bit in just the last few years. However you may look at things differently.

Anyway, keep upgrading versions of Debian one by one, and don’t worry about Mosquitto for now. Take your time, take notes if needed, fix anything you come across as you go (ask for help if needed), but mostly it should be painless.

At some point I think (IIRC) you will probably install a package from Debian with an updated keyring.

If you get all the way to current Stable (Buster), then worry about the key, re-install mosquitto, or whatever you need to do. But it might take care of itself (I just did the same not too long ago on one of my boxen).

Good luck! :smiley:

When you go to http://repo.mosquitto.org/debian/ you can see that there is only one gpg key for all the offered mosquitto repos which is normal.
The gpg key that is offered there is not expired:

wget wget http://repo.mosquitto.org/debian/mosquitto-repo.gpg.key
gpg --with-fingerprint  mosquitto-repo.gpg.key 

which results in

pub  4096R/30993623 2013-01-04 Mosquitto Apt Repository <repo@mosquitto.org>
      Key fingerprint = 8277 CCB4 9EC5 B595 F2D2  C713 6161 1AE4 3099 3623
sub  4096R/C1A0B671 2013-01-04 [expires: 2029-12-29]

Second this! Always a good practice!
In my case I understand openhabian behind the scenes so I am comfortable using it. I recommend to new users mainly to get them going quickly. But I definitely think Everyone should deep dive in if they really want to use this tech.

Will armbian run on pi?

I am running armbian on a Cubietruck which is somekind of a Pi clone.
Armbian is downloadable for a Pi so it will run.

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For anyone else that runs into this issue, I was able to upgrade to Stretch and then to Buster without having to start from scratch by using the suggestions found here:

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A Cubietruck is nothing like a “Pi clone.” An RPi is a hobbled, poorly designed piece of hardware which shares the Ethernet interface with the USB ports for instance. Furthermore, whatever RPi OS you install is running atop of a closed source, locked down RTOS / video blob which is actually running the show (and yet many people still think it’s such an “open” platform; I could gag…). I could go on and on…

Armbian is absolutely NOT downloadable for RPi, and likely never will be, due to reasons stated above (and many others… more below).

I realize your comment was likely offhand and casual, but please educate yourself and stop spreading misinformation (there is already far too much of it surrounding RPi on the Internet).

FWIW, you did make a much better choice going with a Cubietruck (and Armbian!) over an RPi, that is what myself as well as many other people in the know ran for a long time until even better boards came available more recently. Fun fact: it was because Igor (the founder of Armbian) had bought a Cubietruck way back when they first came out that he started building Debian for ARM devices, hence Armbian project was born.


I mean, you may find some unofficial build on the forum or something, but nothing official released by Armbian. They are not even inclined to help someone package it for RPi. Of course, a major part of what Armbian is is a build tool, so you can do whatever you want really. You would be on your own though to figure it out.

In addition to what I already mentioned above (to you, and further up to Wolfgang), the developers at Armbian also feel that RPi gets plenty of support and attention, which is another reason they don’t focus on it. They focus their (pretty limited, in the big scheme of things) resources on “all the other boards out there” basically.

I can speak with some authority on the subject as I was quite involved in the project for a while. I still feel strongly that they are doing very important work (and I know firsthand it is with very limited resources) and so I still contribute financially every month to the project, even though I don’t have the time any more that I used to to contribute in other areas. If it wasn’t for them, we could not have any "Nice Things"™ on any of these “other” SBCs…

Thanks for reporting back the solution! Please also mark your own post there as “solution”, it helps others find it easier.

I am honestly sorry for that! It was not my intention to spread wrong information.
Looks like I did not check the download page enough. I am sure that before I posted my comment I had a look to that page.