[SOLVED] Upgrading Raspberry Pi OS

Hi Friends,

I’m running OpenHAB 2.5.8 on a Raspberry pi 4 and I use it to control zwave devices with the zwave binding, and RF devices with the broadlink binding.

A few days ago the Raspberry Pi foundation started distributing an OS upgrade with various new features and changes to the OS.

I would like to install that upgrade, but I don’t want it to mess up my OpenHAB installation, which I finally got working splendidly a few weeks ago.

Is there a way to upgrade the Raspberry Pi OS without also automatically updating OpenHAB?

If I run the full apt Raspberry Pi OS upgrade and OpenHAB is updated too, which OpenHAB version will be installed after the upgrade?
I understood OpenHAB 3.0 is not fully compatible with the zwave binding.
If OpenHAB auto updates, as part of the OS upgrade, will OpenHAB switch to version 3.0, or will it upgrade to a higher version of 2.5.X?

Hope someone can help.

You can mark the OH package as “do not update” with

sudo apt-mark hold openhab2

then do your OS upgrade and then remove the block with

sudo apt-mark unhold openhab2

when you want to update OH again.

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Assuming you are on the release branch, OH 2.5.10 will be installed if not already. Not until OH 3 is released (in a couple of weeks) will OH 3 hit the release branch.

As Stefan indicates, you can set apt to hold the version of OH at a specific version.

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Thank you so much @stefan.oh and @rlkoshak
Your answers are exactly what I needed :pray::pray::pray:

Glad to learn something new about Raspberry Pi and OpenHAB every day :))